New 380 Beam Moving Head


New 380 Beam Moving Head

Product No.:MD-19RS

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Voltage: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Light source: OSRAM MSD 380 watt bulb
Fixed color: 13 color chips + white light (half-color effect available)
Color chip: 1 six-color chip (can do colorful effect)
Fixed patterns: 13 fixed patterns + linear pattern + white light
Prism: 8 prisms, 8+8+8 prisms, double prisms can be superimposed, and can be rotated independently in both directions
Atomization: soft light effect, easy to achieve soft and dreamy pattern effect
Beam Angle: Parallel Beam Angle: 0-3.8 Number of Channels: 17CH
Size: 330*270*590(mm)

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