IP65 Watearproof Bee Eye Moving Head 1940


IP65 Watearproof Bee Eye Moving Head 1940

Product No.:MX-1940IP

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Input voltage:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Maximum power: 1200 W
Beam divergence angle: 4-45 degrees
DMX channels: 23/25/101 channels
Light source: 19 four-in-one (Tianxin 40W)
Control mode: master-slave synchronization, stand-alone, voice control
Signal input: standard three-core signal socket input and output
Lens rotation angle: 360 °
Horizontal scan: X-axis: 540 °
Vertical scan: Y axis: 270 °
Features: CTO wireless color mixing, dyeing, light beam, stroboscopic effect mode (vortex, kaleidoscope); front mirror plate can rotate steplessly in variable direction, using high-precision glass optical lens, electronic focusing design, ultra-smooth adjustment of focal length, single point control of lamp beads; The integrated main board design solves the problems of cigarette oil, colored paper, etc., and has built-in rich effects. The product has built-in RDM remote console dialing function; LCD screen display, touch screen + key control, the operation process is more humane and convenient, built-in Chinese and English display interface switching, intelligent 180-degree upside-down;
Lamp shell material: aluminum plate + plastic shell + tempered glass
Grade: IP65
Net weight: 22 KG

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