18pcs 15W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LED Wall Wash light

18pcs 15W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LED Wall Wash light
  • 18pcs 15W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LED Wall Wash light
Product name : 18pcs 15W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LED Wall Wash light
Product No. : BA-1818
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*AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
*Power consumption: 230W  
*LED : 18 pcs high MCD 6 in 1 RGBWAU 12W LEDs, 50,000 hours
*Beam angle:15°/25°/30°
*0-100 linear dimming, separate strobe
*DMX 512 protocol, master/slave, auto with 17 preset shows running *speed adjustable
*6/8/11/108 DMX channel modes
*Running temperature self controlling
*Displaying normally or reversely
*Displaying off 5 seconds automatically after finishing sets of the fixture
*Extruded and die cast aluminium 
*IP 65 waterproof
*Environmental temperature: -20℃ to 40℃ 
*Hanging brackets included: floor stand
*Net weight: 9.70Kgs 
*Dimensions: 1175*100*150mm(L*W*D)
*Uniquely designed structure for good water proof IP 65 without screws 
*using and none of silicone glues as traditionally
*die cast aluminium end housing: professional and real waterproof
*air lock valves equipped for air in and out of the housing for fixture 
 long life using
*stainless steel connectors for power/signal cables
*controlling each color separately in every led: 6 colors at DMX 512 
 protocol or auto
*driving IC and capacitors from USA and European unions equipped for steady 
 constant current outputs instead of quantities of cables
*intelligent temperature self controlling: self adjusting temperature to 
 protect at the time of max. temperature happening

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